Monday, December 1, 2008

age six racer

he's a mommy's boy cause he loves his hoodies too!

reese and his froggy friend, they are about the same size!

reese is officially six weeks old! i know i say it in every post, but i will say it again! i can't believe how fast time is going by. i want it to slow so i don't have to go back to work and i can stay home with my little guy. i am going to try and find a job closer to home, we will see though... anyway, reese is getting so big! he is getting a lot better at latching on when feeding, some of you know the struggles we have been having. lately though he is doing great! he loves his car seat and falls almost instantly asleep in it as soon as the car starts or the stroller starts riding. the other day brad and i got him in the bath to get ready for bed, he loves the bath and is a happy boy while we wash him and he is really happy when you get him out and all dried off. he just gops around and is really relaxed, well i guess he got a little too relaxed cause he pooped all over when i sat him on the changing table to put on his diaper and clothes! luckily he still had his towel on so we just threw it all in the washer, he looked at us like, "haha, i got you guys!" so stinking (literally) cute! he hasn't done a full fledge gummy smile yet, but he gives me little smiles sometimes when he is getting all cozy and lovey. brad says all the time how he loves him so much and wants to punt him like a football.. i am there with him!


The Cantwell Clan said...

Too stinkin' cute! He looks like he likes the froggy friend!

Jeff and Melissa said...

Your blog is so cute and I love all the pics on the side and of course all the cute pics in the posts:) He is so cute and getting so big! I love that he is smiling at you now! I can't wait to have a real smile from my Avery but on the other hand I don't ever want her to grow up!!

Michelle said...

What a cutie!

Minwimm said...

I can tell that you are mommy crazy. That is awesome! I have like 10 times as many pictures of Jaren than I do Austin. I can't wait till Austin gets older and reems me for loving Jaren more. Its not true but from the looks pictures taken it sure seems that way :)

Keep posting your cute pics.