Friday, March 23, 2012

four month check up

little miss just got her shots.
Jovi is four months old now. She weighed in at 13.3 pounds (3rd percentile), she was 24.8 inches long (61st percentile) and her head was 16 inches (33rd percentile). Overall she is pretty average in size and still growing. She is having a little bit of stranger anxiety. She is ok if momma is right there,but if not she gets nervous and that bottom lip pops right out. The last couple of weeks I have noticed that she has been a little more fidgety and not sleeping through the night, so we have converted to formula for most feedings. I still try and breast feed her in the morning and sometimes at night. But this girl shares her opinion. She lets us know she wants the bottle and booby will not do! I have also started to give her some rice cereal once a day. She either gobbles it down or spits it right out.
Jovi loves to laugh! She is a serious giggle box. She likes to cheer for Layton High, She loves to sing "Hello, Hello" while being bounced, she likes to be tossed in the air too. But most of all she loves to laugh at Reese. He will do almost anything to make her laugh. He bounces around and makes funny noises and faces and she is delighted with the entertainment.

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