Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"my name is reeses cup"

for reese to fall asleep we have to put him in the crook of my arm, binky in mouth, blanket over head and rocking... he likes the blanket on his head so much i leave it when i get him in his crib.

just chillin with daddy

reese was being totally fussy when we got these pictures all of a sudden he decided to love the camera.

who do you think he looks like?

we are definately obsessed with making our little man smile. this last week he has laughed out loud quite a few times. it's awesome! i really want to post a video but for some reason blogger won't let me! i am going to try again anyway. the first time he laughed for us we were tickling his little pits and biting his ribs, he was totally cracking up. now he just does it randomly when we are talking or when he sees his dad. seriously love him to pieces.


Boualay said...

As your little man gets older he really resembles you the most Sav. The next one will probably look like Brad. Hey, I will call Reese - Reesey Cup and he can call me Baloo. I was called that a lot when I was younger.

Jamie Bowers said...

ok so he totally looks like you Savannah!! So cute!!

Michelle said...

What a cutie! I think he's a mixture between the two of you but definately looks more like you.

Keri said...

He's so flippin adorable! I actually can see a lot of you in Reese, no so much Brad. But maybe he will more as he gets older. It's funny how they change.

The Cantwell Clan said...

Quinten STILL sleeps with the blankets over his head! Actually, now that I think of it, Q, C & M all liked it over their head when they were Reese's age.

I think Reese just looks like Reese. I see parts of both you and brad in him...which makes for one very cute little baby!