Sunday, July 26, 2009

party time!

we had our usual sunday dinner today at brad's family's! reese is eating a lot more solid food and it is just hysterical to watch him get it in his mouth. i just had to post some pics
this is his first time eating watermelon, he got it all over but LOVED it!
he and bentley also got to try oreo cookies for the first time today. reese looked like he had a goatie and and bentley looked like he had a little hitler mustasche and chest hair! i couldn't get enough!

needless to say they had to be bathed after their hay day with the food! i love how they are so different.
happy birthday lauren! she is my DARLING little niece that just turned... um, nine? ten??? must be ten! cause i remember something about double digits! being a mommy kills my brain. anyway we went to her birthday party tonight. she is such a sweetie, and poor thing has to get her tonsils out tomorrow. good luck la la and I LOVE YOU!

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Amber said...

I love them all covered in chocolate and then looking at the camera like "what? what are you looking at?"