Sunday, July 26, 2009

24th parade & flood

we went to ogden's down town parade for the 24th.. it was fun, but LONG & HOT. we ended up leaving before it even ended cause it had been over two hours.
by the end reese was so tuckered out he had to crash in the stroller. there was even a fake gun fight going on at this time and he conked out anyway.
bryce and sal met us there. gotta love the laughs!

me and love bug

the whole clan! boualay and her fam came with us too! she has such sweet kids. some people let us use their lawn chairs cause their friends didn't show. it was SWEET!

the budwiser clydesdale horses

yeah, so our basement flooded this week. we had to tear out all of our carpet and get a plumber out here and call the home owners insurance.. it was a total mess. luckily there isn't too much damage and we just have to get it all dried out.. hopefully we don't get mold and then we can just clean the carpets and have them relayed. let's just hope. so it was a pipe in the sprinkling system that broke and brad is going to dig it up tomorrow and we will see if he and george can figure out how to replace it.. FUN TIMES.. NOT!
this is just outside the basement window.. totally covered in water!


Avree said...

Oh I'm so sorry about your basement! What a pain! Matt's brother's house also flooded recently because of the sprinklers, they had to move some box away from the house or something.

All the pictures are so cute! Reese is such a funny little cutie! I love the one of him sleeping at the parade, isn't it funny how sometimes they can sleep through anything but if the doorbell rings at your house during naptime they wake right up?

Minwimm said...

What a bummer! Good thing Brad has open access to awesome cleaning products. We were at the parade too. Too bad our paths didn't cross. Hopefully next I leave a comment it will be on your phone with baby news.

Keri said...

Aww so sad! I hate when things like that happen. I know a lot of people's basements are lots of storage, etc but ours is mainly all we live in and we have lots of our furniture and stuff down there. I'd die if that happened to us! Good luck! Crossing my fingers for you.

Lyndsey said...

Reese is such a pretty baby :] Love all the pics! The messy Oreo babies are my fave.

Amber said...

sorry about your basement. it sounds like it will all be okay. ahh the joys of owning your own home. we can't wait!

The Bates Family said...

good thing brad has the skills to fix a problem like that. We'd be totally clueless. Miss you!

Jamie Bowers said...

That totally sucks about your basement! How frustrating! I didn't even know O town had a parade on the I an idiot?! Cute new pics! Maybe we can get together for a play date before our kids are 20?!