Thursday, July 2, 2009

a good day.

see what i woke up to this morning? what a sweet husband!

reese has learned how to FAKE LAUGH. it is so funny! he will be totally sober and then just let out this silly little cackle and squint his eyes closed! hahah! see below!

yesterday we went to alexa and trevor's sealing at the salt lake temple. it was awesome. alexa has been one of my best friends since jr. high and it was so sweet to see them sealed together. they are such a cute couple. when alexa walked into the sealing room i could see her eyes already welling up with tears. love you lex and of course congratulations!

the funny thing about lex and i is that people always think we are sisters. i think we do look a little alike. when i walked into the waiting room, some guy walked up to me and said, " well alexa's sister is here so we must be in the right spot." i just laughed and told him that yes this is the right place but no we aren't real sisters.

alexa and trevor coming out the doors... aww...


Amy said...

That is a great way to wake up!!! OHHH your little Reese is SUCH a charmer! Brad finally brought him into the clinic. ***finally*** Well, I AM in love. He came right to me and layed his little head right on my shoulder! What a little sweetheart. I told Brad that the 2 of you need to bring Reese to me and go out!!! Sally could even bring darling Bentley over. It's not like I am the only baby lover in my household!!!
Despite what Brad-lee might think, it was good to see him too. The clinic has been sooo boring w/out him!!!
(seriously-- take me up on the *free* babysitting!!!)

Jamie Bowers said...

He is getting so big and he is adorable!!

Michelle said...

You two do look a lot like! You are both so cute! That's awesome that she and her hubby got sealed... The picture of Reese and Bentley together in your other post in their swimsuits is so cute, what handsome little guys!

Jill said...

How awesome, congrats to them!!!! That is sweet about Brad, what a great husband, your welcome for the hook up ;)