Sunday, June 28, 2009

just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming!

reese & bentley waiting to get in

i took reese swimming for the first time this week. seriously, i can't believe this was his first time. but since it has been raining like everyday for the last two months, it kind of had to be that way.
we went to jenn's parent's pool.

check out that rockin' life vest

me and reeser

he was a little fish! HE LOVED THE WATER! he kicked and kicked and loved splashing. when he had on the life vest i laid him back and he would squeeze his eyes shut and kick... he loves the bath a lot so i ma not surprised that he liked the pool just as much. cute little stinker.


The Bates Family said...

I love to watch Shae play in the pool. She loves it too!

Amber said...

he is so cute, but look how big he is next to bentley!

Nancy Thompson Mahler said...

Hi cutie,

It's me Nancy with the bubble wrapped body;) I'm glad we are blogger friends... what a beautiful baby you have!!

Minwimm said...

He is a cute little stinker!