Sunday, June 28, 2009

south ogden days

us at josh gracin on saturday night!
gotta love a free concert!

since this is our first year as home owners we participated a lot this week in south ogden days. we had a really good time. we went to the josh gracin concert and fire works on saturday with brad's family. while we were there we ran into boualay, mirko and nina. so they moved their blanket and came and sat by us. it was really fun. reese liked staying up late and eating a bite or two of doritos and cotton candy. he was a very good boy and went to sleep and slept in his stroller until we went home.

earlier in the week we went to the parade. us and a bunch of our neighbors walked over to the park and collected the candy that was scattered everywhere. there were a few floats and lots of water. it was fun taking reese to all this stuff because he hasn't ever seen or heard any of the stuff. he reacted really well to all the fire engines and sirens. just checking everything out.

this was the boy scout truck. this guy that let us sit on his lawn had his hose and was squirting all of the floats (because they were squirting the crowd) and this boy scout guy got so ticked off at him. it was kind of funny. in this pic is nina, boualay, alyssa, amy, and ahmree.

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Aynna banahna said...

Those floats squirted Jonah with freezing cold water and he did not like it, so that pissed me off :)