Friday, June 5, 2009

7 minutes in heaven... i mean months..

relay for life

we know lots of people who have had cancer in the last couple of years. my dad, bryce, george, and jenn's mom vicki. so this year we went to the relay for life to support our loved ones. i got a rockin' hoodie that says "save the ta ta's" seriously so funny! it kicked off with a harley ride and meeting the jazz bear. we hung around for a while and bryce and sally announced that they are expecting a little one in january! congrats to them! we love our all of our cancer survivors and are so grateful that they have all been able to beat it!

us with the jazz bear

reese riding the harley


reese is seven months old! actually seven and a half! he is a big boy and weighs 22lbs. we love our little man so much. here are some of his accomplishment as of late:

-he knows his name
-shakes his head when you say, "no,no,no..." (i want to put a video on but i can't ever get it to work)
-turns away if he doesn't want to be held by you
-sneezes and spits up without spitting his plug out
-LOVES his giraffe
-doesn't like to be left alone, he fake cries
-fake coughs if he wants a drink
-always holds his own bottle, even if it's right before bed
-knows how to jump and spin all the way around in his jumperoo
-loves to feed himself graham crackers

this day reese did NOT want to go to sleep, so he got to take a nap with daddy on the couch.

ready for dinner

munching on a cracker


another crazy thing happened this week. i went to drop reese off at my mom and dad's house on thursday on my way to work and my dad was acting a little funny. i asked him what was wrong and he said he just felt dizzy. so i helped him get to his chair in the back room and he started to slur his words and couldn't talk very well. i was getting a little worried so i went and woke up my mom and told her to get in there with me. the day before he had went and got another bladder biopsy done so i thought maybe he had some sort of side effect from that. in a few minutes his eyes started to roll, so we got on the phone with the doctor that had done his biopsy the day before and he told me to call 911. it was so totally freaky! the ambulance got there really fast and took him off to mckay dee hospital. my mom and i rushed out there and got into his room and they did all kinds of tests and things. turns out he hadn't had a stroke or anything like that, but he was completely dehydrated and had taken some pills that were not supposed to be mixed. it was so scary, but it was such a relief that it wasn't something more serious.. i think from now on i will drink water like crazy, i don't want to go through all of that ever! so they released him from the hospital that afternoon and all is well. i saw him today and he was MUCH, MUCH BETTER. thank goodness.

and while i am writing i might as well make this post even longer! brad won off the radio an over night stay for us to go to the homestead resort, golf for two and dinner! so i think we will take ourselves a mini vaca soon... we need it! =)


Amber said...

Holy cow! That is so scary about your dad! I'm glad that he is okay.

Reese is such a big boy!

Cara said...

I love that Reese is 22 lbs. Marin was 18 lbs at her 1 year appointment! He's so dang cute. So glad Uncle Ace is doing better. How scary for you! And awesome on the vacation! Mitch won dinner for us off the radio about a year ago and it was awesome!

Avree said...

Haha, I think Spencer was 22 pounds at his 1 year appointment and he's in the 65th%ile for weight, Reese must be a big boy! I loved all the pictures, Reese is so dang cute! That's awesome about the radio thing! I'm jealous!