Wednesday, May 27, 2009

good times

for memorial day weekend we went to island park and stayed in a cabin. it was really fun. we went with brad's siblings, another family and it was at jenn's parents cabin. we went to yellow stone, went 4-wheeling and rode on the boat.
reese is so important in the front seat. we had to stop for a little break and of course he barfed.

reese and daddy sitting on the bear.

on the boat ride. reese was awake for about 5 minutes. then he crashed like the stock market.

brad and i after 4-wheeling. we are soaked with mud and cold water. it started to hail on the way back and i was FREEZING!!!
Old Faithful

momma and reese at yellowstone
look at reese in this picture below. he is totally cracking up!

my sweet niece got married on friday may 22nd. we were invited to the temple ceromony and it was lovely. it was so nice to hear the things that the sealer said to them because they really apply to me and brad. my favorite was when he had them look in the mirrors and said how you can see infinate images of one another but when you are only focused on yourself, you can only see yourself and how destructive that can be for a marriage. made me think about how selfish i have been lately.

jenni & brad

we busted out the baby pool and reese took his first dip. i can't say that he loved it. but he was fasinated with the water.

my dear friend amber was here from arizona so she and i and lindsay all got together for a dinner at iggy's. we were all bff through jr. high and high school. unfortunately our friend brittany couldn't make it. we were totally bummed about it!


Aynna banahna said...

That picture of you guys on the boat looks like a fake backdrop. You faker! You didn't really go! Just kidding

Avree said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Reese is so cute in all the pictures and you look great too!

andy pav said...

i like that Reese finds steamed water vapor hilarious.

Keri said...

Looks like so much fun! Of course you're goregeous, Reese is super cute! Love all the pics!