Sunday, July 12, 2009

summa time july

just thought i would do a lil update of reese. as you can see above he loves to feed himself and he is very proud and thinks it's so funny when the food actually makes it into his mouth!

silly silly face, also dirty dirty face.

watching Dora the Explorer. ok i usually don't just put him in front of the electronic baby sitter, but i was trying to get some things done. and lately reese has been quite the needy little man, screaming if i even stand up. but i was surprised at how much he paid attention to it.

reese loves brad's pen, he also loves to stab dad with it. here brad is dead, from being wounded in the neck.
4th of july baby
happy little man
serious nakey boy
he LOVES to swing! i think we will be going to the park more often. he gets a little nervous and has to stop for a minute and then really wants to be swung again. sounds like his mama.

i love my little reese. lately he has been giving five, eating big people food like hamburger and noodles, switching positions (no crawling yet but when he lays on his stomach he scoots backwards), and going to sleep all on his own without whining or anything. what a good boy.


andy pav said...

he's getting big. Kylee used to do the whole scoot backwards thing too, he'll be crawling in no time, then it really gets interesting.

Avree said...

Wow he is getting so big! I loved all the pictures, he is so cute and smiley! Don't worry about letting him watch TV, we all do it sometimes but try not to admit it to each other!

Keri said...

Wow, he is getting SOOOO big!

Michelle said...

Reese looks like he has such a cute little personality! How fun!

Melissa said...

he is seriously so happy and cute! I want to see him...SOON! You tell me when we are getting together and I am there!