Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July

This was seriously the best fourth ever! I had a great day with no stress and just lots of fun. I really loved it. We went to Plain City and Reese rode his bike in the parade with his cousins. 
check out that sweet crepe paper
jovi enjoyed the parade

after the parade we had breakfast at bryce and sally's and then went to the plain city park. reese jumped on all the bounce house's and went down all the slides.
after that we went to the layton park. 
reese had a ball hanging out with all his cousins and playing at the park. as you can see none of them are in the pictures because they were off having so much fun.
then we went back to mom's and had a big BBQ and lit fireworks. to top off the night we went to layton fireworks. it was the first year that reese didn't sit on one of our laps. he just played with all of the kids and went crazy. jovi slept right through them until the finale. it was a great holiday.

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