Saturday, May 24, 2008

pacifiers and desitin, oh the things we must buy!

its a boy

so obviously we have some big news! it's official that we are having a baby boy! we are really excited about it. i always wanted a boy first because i have such great big brothers, and i love it. we have been looking at lots and lots of baby stuff and i am a little overwhelmed with all that we are going to need to buy. i made a list and it's monsterous. the good news is that we made one of our major purchases today, we bought him a crib! it is really cute, and it's pretty unisex so that when we have a girl she could use it too. (side note: i really hate winnie the pooh, i just thought that this was the best announcement!)

today i also went to my best friends baby shower, her name is amber. we have been friends for over ten years and i love her dearly. we always wanted to have babies together and i am so glad that this is happening! the only bad part is that she is living in arizona at the moment. but i still love having someone to talk to about all the crazy things that are happening yay for seeing old friends!

this is my baby list:
.bassinet (we decided to borrow a port a crib from my mom that is small enough to fit at the end of our bed so we don't have to buy one)
.dresser/changing table the best part about this is that part of the changing table turns into a night stand later!
.baby monitor
.rocking chair
.baby hangers
.toy box
.3-5 fitted sheets
.garbage can
.baby powder
.cotton balls/swabs
.bath seat
.4 hooded towels
.wash cloths
.baby shampoo/wash
.baby brush
.baby lotion
.car seat/adapter
.mirror for car
.diaper bag
.infants tylenol
.sunshade for car
.infants mylocin (for gas)
.bulb syringe
. bottles
.changing pad
.nursing blanket
.bouncy seat???
.bottle brush
.high chair
.breast pump (if needed)
.pump accsessories/bags
.boppy pillow
.nip cream (for those of you that want to get personal)
.burp cloths
.lingerie bag
. bumbo seat

stuff we have bought is now hilighted in BLUE


Jill said...

COngrats!!! I am so excited for you :)

The Knights said...

That's quite the list.. Congrats on the little guy!

Jill said...

Hey I forgot to add if you are looking to save some cash you can have our old crib bedding set, it still looks new. Here is a link to it
By the way you need to come hold my baby, it will get you even more excited. Call me.

Jill said...

Ok it cut off the link here is the rest of the link...

Jeff and Melissa said...

Hey, I will be copying and printing that list. Jeff better get to work:)
I was just thinking about you today and wondering when you were going to the doc again. So I guess now he is 100% that it is a boy? I am so jealous that you guys already know! We are still like 6 weeks away from knowing.
Can't wait to carpool again and catch up! Oh and I was thinking we should park at the park and ride across the street from the old meeting place. Talk to you soon!

Caleb and Becky Rigby said...

Congrats on the baby boy, you two will make adorable parents. I am so happy for you guys.

p.s. I’m not a fan of Winnie the pooh either :)

The Cantwell Clan said...

Hey - you and Sals just need to come over and fight over our stuff, LOL. Seriously tho, Maternity clothes, baby stuff etc. We've got TONS and we are DONE! So, come check it out whenever! Love ya!