Friday, July 22, 2011

Reese is two and a half. and a handful. and i love him to pieces. he is so sweet to me and other times so naughty i don't know what to do. some sweetness:

-he calls sacrament "big singing time"
-he follows parsley around and talks to him all the time, gives him hugs and gets very offended if parsley doesn't love him back
-when we build blanket forts he calls them castles
-he lays his head on my belly and listens for the baby
-he sleeps with at least four stuffed animals at night and insists on having a drink of water by his bed
-he is VERY excited about his new downstairs room and asks when he can sleep there, but refuses to go downstairs by himself because of monsters
-when i ask him why? he says "because, momma, because!"
-he loves to sit on my lap and says "holds me!"

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