Friday, April 24, 2009

the big six

yup! reese is officially six months old, half a year, on his way! i can't believe it! he has come from being a little tiny infant that could barely open his eyes to a thriving toddler look a like.

smiling in his crib

eating his dinner

just after bath time

reese with hair, what a elvis stud muff!

happy little man

drinking his juice
he has come along way. this past month he has learned to hold his own bottle, will roll from his back to his stomach (he has only done it a couple of times), but he rolls from his back to both sides all the time. he also love to squeal and yell and talk and talk and talk. i took him to the doctor on wednesday and here are his measurements:
Head- 44 cm in the 55th%
Weight- 20 lbs. 4 oz. in the 95th %
Height- 29 1/4 inches over the 97th%
he is a very big boy.
it was really, really sad. on wednesday night i was feeding reese his dinner and he wasn't acting overly hungry, but i just kept shoveling it into his mouth. well about fifteen minutes later he was laying on his play mat and brad was watching him and he had a sick little look on his face, and he threw up everything i had just fed him. it went all over his head and back and neck and chest, all over the playmat, just everywhere. brad and i both just looked at each other like, "what do we do?" reese hasn't ever had a bad reaction to his shots until now. so we stripped the little guy got him back in the tub for a rinse, and called the doctor. i got him dressed and we took his temperature and it was about 103.1. i held him and rocked him and his little hands were shaking. the doc told us to just feed him pedialyte tonight. so brad ran to the store while i rocked and rocked and rocked. little reese was going in and out of sleep and was just miserable. we gave him a bottle and he sucked it right down. he kept getting goose bumps on his little chubby arms. it just about broke my heart. i finally got him to sleep but he was up in the night a few times. i had to go to work the next morning so i took him to my parent's house, luckily brad was able to get off work at about ten and take him home. he still was pretty sick. but today he is feeling much better. smiling and laughing and being his adorable self. i love my little guy.


Aynna banahna said...

i didn't see a video and it peaked my curiosity!


Michelle said...

6 months wow! Reese is a big boy! I'm so sorry about him being sick the other day. That's the saddest thing in the world when your baby is miserable and you can't do too much about it. I'm glad he's back to his happy self! Happy half bday Reese!

Amber said...

I always panic when Kylee throws up. You feel so helpless. Glad he is feeling better. He really is a chunk huh! He doesn't look that big. Maybe next to Kylee and her whopping 14.5 lbs.

Jill said...

I need to see him and you! Sorry to hear about Brad's dad, and I am glad you two returned safely.

Bill and Emily Grant said...

Oh, I'm sorry he had such a sad reaction to his shot! I hope he is feeling better... he is such a cute little guy!

Avree said...

I loved all the pictures! He is such a happy little man! That's scary about the reaction to his shots! A couple of times I kept pushing Spencer to eat and he threw up and I felt so bad. I hope he's feeling better!

Minwimm said...

Cute pics Sav.