Wednesday, April 1, 2009


it's so fun to watch reese learn new things. i know every baby does all of these little things but i just find myself in awe as i see reese do them.

this week his newest thing is to cough and cough until i give him my full attention. So. Dang. Cute..

he loves his toes, he grabs them all the time and pulls on his socks.

he blows raspberries non stop. the other morning i had to go to work so i went in to get reese into his car seat and he was asleep. so once he was all in and in the car i decided to leave the blanket over his face so he could go to sleep. about five minutes into the drive i heard him blowing raspberries.. obviously not asleep. needless to say i took off the blanket.

he puts his fingers in his mouth all the time.

he laughs and laughs when brad tickles him with his whiskers.

when we have him in the bath we use the shower part to rinse him, he tries and tries to grab the water.

when he is tired i can just go put him in his crib and turn on his musical thing, and he gets himself to sleep.

watching BOLT with dad... he watched it for like 15 minutes.. i think he was tired.

naked baby loves those feet in the air

silly face


Avree said...

It's so fun to see their new tricks! He is such a little cutie! I love his faces! And you always have him dressed so cute!

Boualay said...

Sav, he is so cute but so much CUTER! in real life b/c I get to hold him! Thanks for coming over yesterday. You're always fun to chat with.

Minwimm said...

Putting yourself to sleep is a trick I hope my baby learns well too!

Michelle said...

What a cutie! I especially love the last picture, Reese's silly face :). I agree boys are so much fun and it's so fun to see them learn and grow!

Jamie Bowers said...

He is getting so big and DARLING! I haven't stalked blogs forever so it's been awhile since I have seen pics of him. I can't believe how much he looks like you! What a cutie. Are you back to working full time? We need to figure out a day to get together!!