Sunday, October 18, 2009

hogle zoo

we went to the zoo last weekend. yay for all the updates they have done. i love the new area for the cats and i loved all the baby animals.
reese liked the bears and the monkeys the most. he laughed and laughed at them. when we were by the monkeys, he was the only one really there and waved at the cute orangutan and he came over! it was so cool!

does reese measure up?

we had to get a picture by the mommy and baby giraffe because reese loves his giraffey sooo much.

meet baby zuri, she is the new baby elephant at hogle zoo. freaking cutest elephant ever. she was just like a human baby: running to her mama, then over to her ball, then to the lady that was spraying the hose.. just so cute!


Boualay said...

Yes, you are right. Zuri is adorable! P.S. I noticed that Reese is getting a smidge big for his stroller or maybe its the angle. Kisses to the little Brick from me.

Michelle said...

Oh sooo cute! I love the baby animals! Especially that elephant, she looks so cute! Your pictures make me want to take a trip to the zoo! :)

Avree said...

Now that your blog is private it doesn't show up on my google reader anymore so I just noticed all your recent posts! Reese is so stinking cute! I can totally picture him just loving the zoo! I hope you and your family are doing ok, we've all been praying for you guys!