Monday, October 5, 2009

six years together

we celebrated our sixth anniversary this week. It was nice to get away for a little bit since things have been so crazy around here lately. a couple of months ago brad won a stay at the homestead resort in midway on the radio. we were pumped because we didn't have to pay for a room or for dinner that night. it was pretty awesome. we dropped reese off at my parents house in the afternoon, and went to noodles & co. for a little lunch. it had been forever since we had eaten there and once in a while i love it. then we went to the gateway (like old times), the thing is that i am too cheap these days to ever get anything there. it is WAY too expensive. we still had fun though, brad got a new shirt and i got a chocolate dipped cone from dairy queen.. mmm...
moving on: 
we headed up to midway, and checked in. our room was cute. not anything too special, but cute. then we went and ate at fanny's grill that is at the resort, when brad won the stay he also won a free dinner. so we both got steak and drinks and dessert for FREE. it was awesome. then we went back to our room and watched the office. our room was freezing and we didn't have much to do so we decided to head into town and went to mcdonalds for some hot chooolate and we rented monsters vs. aliens. i totally fell asleep while we watched it. going to mcdonalds was the funnest part of the night. we laughed alot and there was some crazy dude there.
the next day we went and checked out the crater. we didn't swim cause #1 we forgot our swim suits and #2 it was $11/person for 30 minutes.. i thought that was a little pricey. so we headed off to park city and went to the outlets. we got reese some winter clothes because the poor kid only had two pairs of pants. it was really fun shopping around and finding good deals together. and acutally it was really nice to have a break from reese and not have to worry about him at all. then we went to slc and ate at taco time and went up in the avenues and looked at all the houses we want to buy. that is one of our favorite things to do, dream about all the old houses we can buy that are on the perfect tree shaded street. mmm.. i love it. then we headed home to get our baby boy. by the time we got there i was getting a little anxious to see him. it was so nice to get away on a little vacation. i love spending time with just brad and me alone.
we also did our usual tradition and read our ten things about the year to one another with a kiss between each one. that is my favorite tradition that we have created together, and the best part is that we haven't missed one year.
we gave each other our gifts on sunday (which was our actual anniversary). i gave brad the office season 5 and he got me a typewriter!!!!!!!!! i love it.
happy anniversary my love. you are my favorite and i love being your babus.


Melissa said...

Oh, so cute and sweet! I am glad you guys where able to get away for a night! That is what we need, a little alone time! What a great tradition you guys have!

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow 6 years! That's awesome! Sounds like you had a fun one :)!