Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter weekend

saturday morning we went to the south ogden city easter egg hunt. as you can see it was not a delightful spring day. it was actually freezing, but we still had fun. reese picked up a few eggs (yeah, we forgot his basket, so he got to use a target bag) and got to eat some candy on the way home. it was so cold we pretty much ran to the car.

the easter bunny stopped at our  house! he left reese a lot of little presents. some bath toys, crayons, bubbles and a puppy.
kissing his doggie..doggies are his favorite.
 super excited about the bubbles.

we had to put on his flip flops as soon as he found them

trying out his crayons
and finally, a grand finale... SNOT BUBBLE! SICK i know! but we couldn't help ourselves for taking the picture... can you freaking believe that thing???? ick!

i had such a good day yesterday. we went to the easter egg hunt, came home and reese took a nap. after he woke up we went shopping! seriously i have not been shopping in a LONG time. i got a couple of pairs of shorts for california, brad got some shorts and sandals, we just had a really good time. it was like being young and irresponsible again. i loved it. yay for new clothes and a fun day.


Amber said...

wow you guys had more snow then we did. looked cold. that snot bubble is so gross!

Clark & Co. said...

brr! that does look cold! sadly i know all about snot bubbles. glad reese had such a fun easter = }

Jill said...

How cute (minus the snot bubble) I could lovingly punch him as well :) I miss you too hope you are doing well in Utah, and I hope your math class ends soon!

The Bates Family said...

you guys are such fun parents to take Reese to the hunt in that weather. Will and I didn't bring Shae to one just for the fact that they were all at 7:30am.

Crystal said...

haha I love the doggy kissing pic, the flip flops pic, and the booger bubble pic!! He's so adorable. Glad you guys had a good easter! :)

Renee, Wayne, and Apri Larson said...

LOL the snot bubble is classic!! I love your new family picture at the top too. I can't belive he is in 3T clothes already! He is a cutie!