Tuesday, June 15, 2010

cedar. st. george. kannaraville.

last weekend we went to st.george/cedar city/kannaraville for a little family trip. we stopped in fillmore on the way down for a little break and a little snack of pirates booty. 
that night reese crashed! he had so much fun in the hotel with his cousins and after traveling all day he fell fast and hard. we learned in disneyland that reese refuses to sleep in his pack and play and has graduated to a big boy hotel bed.
when i was young and we used to go on family trips to cedar i never really realized how beautiful it was, i actually thought it was pretty hideous, but now, i love it. i have always loved the red rock, i just don't take it for granted like i used to. 
on saturday we had our family reunion. this is of course brad, my nephew drew, ashlyn (dylan's gf) and dylan.
dad, log, mom, todd and kade. my favorite todd joke this time went like this: 

kade: "what's up? how's are things?"
todd: "well, you know,  the cast in my life is great. but the plot kind of stinks..."

after the reunion we drove to go swimming at red rocks.. except it was raining, which wasn't going to stop us, but the cop posted at the road with a big closed sign did.. damn it!
this is my dad, and my long lost brother kyle. he lives in st. george with his wife jan (in the background) but we NEVER ever see them. they came to the hotel and hung out for a couple of hours one night. it was awesome. we laughed and had so much fun just b.s.-ing. 
kade and me 
shanea and me... i literally took ten pictures and this is the best we got! we were having too much fun to care! 
deb and kade 
the next day on the way home we stopped in kannaraville. we tried to let reese pet the cows but the cows were big fat babies! they were terrified of us. so we found a doggy and pet it instead.
sometimes i forget how much i love my family. they really aren't as dramatic as we make them out to be. it was so nice to get away on a weekend with them. it seems like it has been years. it's kind of sad actually. we used to go to moab every single year, and then everyone got rid of their trailers and it all stopped. it was so fun going out to eat with everyone and just staying up late talking and running to walmart for random things. i want to do it more often. i want to be a closer family again.

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Whitney said...

Looks like you guys had such a good time! I'll be in Utah in...like..two weeks!