Sunday, August 29, 2010

oh august!

this month has been crazy.. hmm, maybe crazy is too nice of a word... brad got a new job, and we had been waiting for a couple of months to find out whether he had it or not. so when we found out we were exstatic. except then a few things happened. like, they wanted him to start tomorrow. and that was a problem, because we needed to get him a car, so brad told them he could start the next monday. so we got brad a new car. (2007 hyundai santa fe), it's an awesome car and we got a screaming deal on it. so that week they told brad that they would need him to go out of town for a job for the weekend. i was like, uh, ok. we knew that he was going to have to travel for this job, i guess i just wasn't expecting it to be so quickly. well, that weekend turned into a week, which turned into two weeks, and now onto three. and he still isn't home. ugh... i don't like being a single mom. i don't like going to bed alone, i don't like doing all the chores and having to learn how to mow the lawn. (yes, i mowed the lawn for the first time. and i have the green feet to prove it.) luckily, brad hasn't been too far away from home. just up in rexburg, idaho, so reese and i have gone up there the last two weekends to visit. when we had to leave for the first time i burst into tears. i just miss brad so much. it has been so stressful. and then to add to that, school started. half of the reason brad took this job was because they promised him that they would work around night classes. and that was such a relief. so, anyway, the week that school was supposed to start rolled around and brad kept trying to call his boss and tell him that he had to be home on thursday night for it. well, this guy isn't the guy who hired him and pretty much told brad to either go to school and quit or stay in idaho and quit school. to put it lightly we were devistated. it's not like brad can just quit his job. so he was going to drop his classes (all of this being decided through a lot of tears and anger and frustration), but we didn't have a choice. luckily the guy that hired brad called him and brad explained the situaion, and he called the boss and told him that this had all been discussed prior to brad taking the job. so we are so grateful that it worked out, but now i am feeling a bit unsure about all of this. 

anyway, that's just a tid bit of what has been going on in our lives. it's hard because at first we were feeling so blessed. like brad finally got this job and it pays more and it's going to make it possible for him to go out of school. but then it was like a slap in the face because he hasn't been home for almost a month, (except one night that he came home for his class, so i saw him for about an hour), so it feels like just when we think we are getting ahead, we take ten steps back. i just pray that it all works out. actually, i really think we have done well at making the best of a crappy situation. we got set up on skype and google talk. so that has helped, and i think that when we are in a crisis mode we really come together. anyway, onto better things: 

like my dad's birthday! 
he turned 79 this year! doesn't he look great? 
blowing out the candles 
i got us matching shirts.

reese loves to be wrapped up lately
i really haven't taken a lot of pics in the last few weeks, but this last weekend i got out the camera while we were in idaho with daddy. 

the only pretty view in idaho
reese is ready to be there already. he is such a trooper. he only ever complained when the sun was in his eyes. he is a good little traveler. if we keep up on crap like this i'll have to invest in a portable DVD player.
brad was really wanting to get out of rexburg so we went to jackson hole for the day. it was freezing! we had to go buy me and reese hoodies cause we were unprepared. it rained the whole time we were there but we still had fun. we went to all the little shops, had home made ice cream and went to the ripley's believe it or not museum.
the weekend before we went to idaho falls and saw the movie "despicible me". it was hilarious. reese loved to go swimming with his daddy while we were there too. alrighty! there's the update!


Amy said...

Savannah!! That is awful! I can't believe Brad has been gone for a month! You and Reese should come play with us! I'll call you :)

Jill said...

Oh man Savannah that sucks I feel so bad for you! So is he home now? What does he do for his job? Are you still working at your job? We are coming to Utah in Sept or Oct so we will have to get together!

Darrik, Kami & Brock said...

Oh man! I hope everything works out with Brad's job. Seems kind of sketchy. What is he doing now? We're really hoping when Darrik gets back that he has a job. It's so scary right now. I'm sorry you have to be a single mom. That is no fun. Sounds like things have been pretty crazy. Hang in there. (Like you wanted to hear that, right?) We should get together. The single moms. Love ya!

Amber said...

Wow! That was crazy! I'm so glad that he is home, and it worked out. I would have been so mad!! Call me if you need anything.

CKE said...

I always forget to come read your blog cause it doesn't come up on my dashboard cause you're private! (So I'm sorry this reaction is a little late)
I'm so sorry about Brad's job situation! That's so crazy that he has to be gone for so long. I'd be way frustrated too! I'm glad the school mess got straightened out. Hopefully he won't have to be traveling like that often in the future!

Aynna banahna said...

I saw you guys in your new car the other week when I walked to Smith's when Derek was out of town. It is nice. And I'm sorry about the tough times and job situation. I'm just glad you are able to do it together and that things will work out because you're doing so much and having so much faith. Good luck! If you need a buddy next time Brad's gone so long, I don't live far