Wednesday, November 17, 2010

just a few random tid bits

reese was sick all last weekend. doesn't he look miserable? well ever since he has been acting quite naughty and throwing tantrums over every little thing... it is ROUGH! i swear i want to throw him in the garbage some days, but then his sweet little self re-emerges and he gives me a big hug and kiss. i love this little guy. 
he really likes to wear my boots, they are a little big and hard to walk in though... 
our cabinets have gone from looking like this
to this:
they are still in the works. the bottoms aren't done yet. but they will be eventually. we got a new dishwasher too. so the kitchen is coming along. 
parsley is still cute and still around too.

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Whitney said...

Oh wow! I LOVE LOVE the transformation of your cabinets! They look SO good and they would look wonderful with some vintage colored glass in them. Maybe I will have to get you a Christmas present ;-)