Monday, November 1, 2010


i married this old man for his money, did i ever tell you that???? 
meet miss flapper
and her old-fogie husband.
he isn't sure what to think about the in-laws. 
(an alligator hunter from the bayou and cat-woman-scandalis)
so in love.
we love our little pet nemo
chandler, lauren, reese and brixton
baby hallie and geisha lauren 
fauna and merri-weather. flora joined us later but i never got her in a picture. 
terra was the best clogger of the night and played a great hostess. 

the last couple of years kade and terra have thrown an awesome halloween party and this year everyone got into it! (if you can't tell from my parents hilarious costumes!) we all go and bring food and terra makes soup and chili and we eat all night and laugh and talk and take the kids trick or treating. it was freezing cold and brad took reese in the pouring rain. he loved it! once he figured out that people were giving him candy he didn't want to stop. it was an awesome night!


Jill said...

I love your parents, they are so awesome!!! You look gorgeous Savannah, you should tell Brad he is welcome that I set him up with such a hottie!

Whitney said...

Haha...looks like fun. Your costumes look great!

Amber said...

you guys are so funny! I can't believe your parents! It was good to see you the other day. You can come over anytime while you are down here on fridays. we could have lunch next time.

CKE said...

I seriously LOVE you guys's costumes!! YOu look so cute and I'm loving Brad's gray hair! haha :) OH and Nemo too. :)