Wednesday, December 15, 2010

december is my fave

i freaking LOVE december this year, a few good reasons:

experiencing snow for the first time this year
surprise visits from my favorite New York niece!

gearing up and going skiing!

 going to temple square and getting some of the best pictures of the year
having this guy jump out and scare me at my own house! FREAKING HILARIOUS!!! smith and edwards is the best store ever!
reese and bentley
reese at weber state, that is a real reindeer behind him!

i've also been drinking hot chocolate with real whip cream, like, EVERY single day.
been shopping for gifts for all my favorite people.
had some serious wake up calls about how blessed we really are. 
grateful we have enough money this year. 
life is good in december.

1 comment:

Darwin, Jen, Jensyn, and Hurley said...

I love you and your family. Reese makes me smile and I am happier after spending time with him. I am glad you have enjoyed this month so much. You are the best!