Wednesday, August 17, 2011

80 baby!

my cute dad turned 80 on august 11th!
we had a big bbq with the whole family to celebrate. we got him that awesome hat and bandana to wear for the special occasion.
ace with his ace
my dad hit the pinata first. then we let all the grand kids hit it, youngest to oldest. reese went first and thought it was a riot! mikey is the one that finally broke it!
grand kids 
all the boys 
all the girls
dad and mom
happy birthday dad! you have been the steadiest thing in my life and the best example of what a father should be. i am so grateful for you and i know that you love me unconditionally which i truly think is a rare trait. i love that you and reese are best buds and i can't wait for our little girl to fall in love with her grandpa. you are the best. i love you the mostest, mostest, mostest. hugs, kisses and spots from your little bannie girl.


Avree said...

I LOVE your dad, he is the greatest guy. Happy birthday Uncle Ace!

Amber said...

he still looks the same as the day I met him. love those 80 year olds!

CKE said...

Your family seems like they are so close and so much fun. I love seeing big families like that! So awesome! Happy Birthday to your cute dad! :)