Wednesday, August 3, 2011

dear noah,

dear noah, you are a very loved little man. you have so many people who adore you and wish you were going to be with them, but we all know that you are in the perfect place and in the perfect arms. i hope you know how much i love you. i am going to miss you and pray for you always, and i know you are going to grow up to be a good boy and an amazing man. your mom and dad are selfless and amazing for giving you to your new parents. your dad especially has a special place in my heart, because really he was my first child. he was the first baby that i had an instant connection with and i have loved with all my heart since the day he was born. he loves you so much. we all do. i miss you already. love, your great auntie sav

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CKE said...

I remember you talking about how much you love your nephew and you leaving work to go hang out with him. It must be hard to say goodbye to his little baby, your words are really touching, I hope you will get to see him again someday when he's older! Love you Sav!