Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ring of fire

naila and reese
we went down south this last weekend and had so much fun! we went and visited kyle and jan, and met roxie (max's wife) and naila for the first time. i really loved her. we had fun together for a couple of hours. i loved watching reese and naila play tag.
we went ghost-town hunting, and to zions for the day.
jovi hiking in zions
jovi took a bath in the sink
i went out one night to see if brad and reese were coming to bed and found them both fast asleep.
on sunday night there was a solar eclipse, there hadn't been one in about 23 years and kanarra of all places was named the "sweet spot" by NASA. That pretty much meant it was the best place to be to see the eclipse in the united states! pretty crazy. kanarra had a whole festival set up, there were about 3,000 people that traveled to our little town. we ended up having a mini family reunion. aunt darlene and a lot of her family came, and aunt carolyn and a lot of her family came. it was so fun to see everyone and to catch up. i especially loved talking to my cousin julie. she is really an inspiration to me. she is so knowledgeable about so many quirky things and i love it. she also remembers the funniest stories. so fun to catch up. 
solar eclipse
shadows that the eclipse created
my dad was rocking those glasses!
i went down to the festival, which was small compared to something up here, but for kanarra there were tons of people. i bought a T-shirt that has a picture of the all women fire department ladies running to their truck. it's pretty much the most awesome shirt ever. i hope one of the ladies on it is my grandma ethna, because she was one of them. and she was awesome.


Avree said...

How fun! My mom said you guys had a blast and she told me "Savannah is just beautiful!"

sav said...

aw. that was sweet. i had a lot of fun visiting with your mom. she is so sweet. i love your whole side of the family!