Wednesday, January 8, 2014

christmas 2013

 we had a great christmas this year. don't we always? it seems like in november and early december i find myself in a total panic wondering how we are going to do anything for christmas. how we are going to buy gifts for our kids, family, white elephants, how we are going to pay our bills. i am always so stressed out about it, and then something always comes up. people in our lives are so beyond generous and i am grateful for them and all they do. the time or money or presents that are gifted to us are immeasurable.

 christmas eve we all opened our new jammies. jovi hated hers. she cried cause they were too big. but in the end she wore them the whole night. we went to brad's mom's for her annual christmas eve party. played games  won prizes and opened presents. it was really fun. she really goes all out for it. my new favorite tradition is having our kids sleep in the same room on christmas eve. we did this last year. we moved reese's mattress into jovi's room. it was fun listening to them giggle for a little while before they fell asleep. they even slept in the same room for a few days after christmas! i loved it!

jovi is somewhat obsessed with The Nightmare before Christmas and we woke up to her singing over the monitor "Making Christmas, Making Christmas!" it made my heart swell. a few minutes later reese yelled down that they were awake and our festivities began. 

 santa did decide to come! he left jovi and reese each a wiggle car and a toy and  candy. he ate the cookies, drank the milk and took the apple for his reindeer.
 we stayed home all morning. it was so wonderful! the kids played with all their new toys. my mom and dad stopped by for breakfast and debbie and shanea came over and ate too. i loved staying home. rushing around every year gets so old and it was just peaceful. jovi and i each got to take a little nap before we headed over to my mom's for dinner.

 these girls are my fave!

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Whitney said...

Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas! It's so cute that your kids slept in the same room. I did that last Christmas with my fam when we came to visit. It was so fun!