Saturday, August 22, 2015

gotta make this quick cause the computer is about to die. shanea is marrying tim. she has no time... they are planning a wedding so fast you would think it was a shot gun. anyway, small bachelorette/shower for her last night at twigs. i was all alone afterwards! like, no kids.... so i went to her house, even though she wasn't going there and was sorely disappointed that not a soul was home. pulling out of the street and logan and marissa pull up! i literally shrieked in my car with joy. jumped out and went in. chatted for a long time and hal pal came in too! yay!!! time and shanea came home and we talked wedding nights and i confessed about how disappointing and tragic mine was.... anyway. i love logan and marissa so much. they bring sunshine to my soul. i am so glad that i have such an awesome family and that they like spending time with me too. came home with a mosquito bite on my face... only not awesome part.