Friday, August 7, 2015

i am sitting her writing in the dark. it has been a great summer. we have done so many fun and amazing things and i am so happy about it. with that said can i also admit that i am ready for school to start? i am ready to be back into a schedule and ready for my kids to go and learn! yes, kids! jovi is probably going to preschool this year. which sort of makes my heart ache, and leap for joy at the same time. my little family is good. shanea is getting married to tim. kate and drew are finally engaged. ace is walking everywhere. my mom keeps getting pnemoniana and she keeps taking pills, but it seems like that is never going to change. i have accepted that it isn't going to change. kevin is here visiting from hawaii. unfortunately the reason he came back is that becky has cancer. i signed brad and i up for a co-ed softball team for the fall, which is totally out of my comfort zone. but i am trying to be more daring. i think it is good for me. it makes me less scared of doing things that are unfamiliar. anyway. i just wanted to do a little update. we went to downata hot springs the other weekend with logan and hallie and marissa, sally and her kids came up for a night too. it was so much fun. i want to do it every single year.