Wednesday, July 28, 2010

beautiful weekend: part 1

this last weekend i was completely spontanious. which is something that is unusual for me. i like to have things planned, packed, ready to go, all on schedule. well i threw that all out and rushed home from work to meet some of my family down in central utah. brad couldn't get off work at such short notice so reese and i took off. it took us about 4 hours and one panic attack to make it down. (i thought i had been on the wrong road for about sixty miles. luckily i was wrong!) this is just outside of levan. the sunset was gorgeous! we arrived about 10 at night and everyone was partying hard! the kids were running around like little indians and the adults were playing rummicub.

the next day we drove closser to torrey and the scenery was beautiful. sometimes i forget how amazing utah is. we were trying to make it to calf creek to go swimming and hiking, but when we got there it was closed! are you serious???? is our family cursed? is every place we ever want to go swimming in the wilderness going to be closed??? (st. george de ja vu)
my nephews are obsessed with with moulin rouge. so here is shanea and carly singing their hearts out at the top of the summit.
this is me at the top of the upper calf creek falls. it was a long beautiful hike. luckily there were lots of strong men and boys to help me with reese.
 lauren and terra 
ryan and reese
this is the view from the top of the hike. 
this is the uppper pond we swam in. i think kade jumped first and then debbie. pretty much everyone, EVEN ME followed! i am usually a scaredy cat but it was so hot and the jump wasn't that high, so me and lauren held hands and jumped. 
swimming! the water was pretty cold. reese got in for a few minutes but his teeth were chattering.
this is the lower waterfall where we went swimming for the 2nd time. 
reese picking up rocks
reese throwing rocks
reese very impressed by his distance.
logan is amazing! he is my sweetest nephew ever. he totally hiked the whole trail with reese on the way up. he held his hand the whole time, drew, dylan and lauren all helped too, but logan was next to reese the whole way up. it was a LONG hike back up and reese was such a trooper! he didn't want to be carried, he wanted to do it. right before we got to the top (and the steepest part of the trail) we took a little rest. after that he wanted to be carried and i didn't know how i was going to do it. i was already stopping and taking breaks every few minutes on my own. but drew being the sweet heart that he was came back down and carried reese the rest of the way up. it kind of reminded me of the pioneer trek. 
looking down from the top of the trail. you can see the rock face of where we went down (it was in the other picture above also)
that night we went to a camp fire and made dinner. reese discovered the moon and kicked a soccer ball while saying "go,go,go" i stayed up way too late and got up way too early for the drive home the next moring. now onto part 2.

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