Wednesday, July 7, 2010

lady liberty

i love the fourth of july! it was so fun this year. i didn't feel rushed or like i was stuck doing something i didn't want to. it was just good. 

that morning we headed to plain city. we were going to have breakfast at bryce and sally's and then go to the parade up the street. the parade there was awesome! they threw a ton of candy, beach balls, otter pops and all kinds of stuff. there was so much candy that the adults were helping the kids pick it all up. jackpot! we headed back to the house and had a scrumptous breakfast. everyone pitched in and there was a ton of food. after visiting and watching the world cup we went to the park. we walked around and looked at all the stuff at the booths (one of my favorite things to do), by this time reese was exhausted so we went home and took a nap. 

reese watching the parade.
after breakfast the kids got blue gel put in their hair! awesome mohawk!
at the park, all the little ones holding hands. 
exhausted reese at the park. we are getting ready to head home. 
after our nap we went to debbie's pool and let reese swim for a while, but we were pretty late (from oversleeping) so we rushed it and went to grandma and poppa's for dinner. my mom got reese that tiny little squirt bottle. he thought it was the greatest thing ever and kept squirting everyone and himself. (hense the bib).
being silly
we also got to meet heather my nephew tyler's bride to be. they are a darling couple. i am so happy that tyler has finally found someone to build a life with. they are going to be very happy. 
time for fireworks! the kids were dying to light them, even though it wasn't quite dark yet. 
yes, reese is wearing one of my shirts! he was soaking wet, so we improvised. he was having a ball. he kept climbing all over everyone and shreiking and clapping. it was so fun. 
blue steel. enough said. happy holiday!


Avree said...

Congrats to Tyler, that is so exciting! She looks like a cute girl!

Looks like you guys had fun! I love how in all the pictures of your family everyone is always cracking up, you guys know how to have a good time!

CKE said...

Okay first of all, REESE has gotten SO BIG!!! Oh my gosh! :) I'm glad you guys had a good holiday! We didn't see any type of fireworks this year so that was kinda a bummer! Oh, and Lovin the blue steel! ;) Miss you Sivi!!