Wednesday, July 28, 2010

beautiful weekend: part 2

so after i got home on saturday moring, we packed up and headed off to tony's grove in logan canyon. we borrowed debbie's jeep so we could use her tent. reese slept in the jeep like a champ. he is such a good boy.
after we got camp set up, we walked down to the lake. . this is the only photo of me on the trip... not the best of either of us. but at least it proves i was there. 
emma splashing reese. this was the best picture of the whole weekend!
on the way back reese took a pretty awesome fall. battle scars are awesome.
two group pictures of which i am in neither. why is the mom never in any pictures? i hate that. 
the next morning we went to bear lake for lunch and swimming. reese loved the water. it was pretty warm and i love how clear it is up there. this is him getting rinsed off for the ride home. i love it.


Clark & Co. said...

look at that bare bum! ha ha sounds like you had a fun time =0}

The Cantwell Clan said...

Love the little nekkid bum! LOL. That really was a fun trip! I snuck my way into one picture as well. I don't think we took any pics! Oops!