Monday, January 2, 2012

christmas came!

every year on christmas eve we open our pajamas and go to the cantwell party. here's the best pic of our little family.  we ate tons of food. it was so freaking good! i made home made macaroni and cheese and i have to tell you it was fabulous! i wish i would have gotten more pictures but we were having too much fun. we played bingo, did a puppet show of the nativity and did our gift exchange. it was really really fun. then we went home so that santa could come.
we put reese to bed, and like every night he called for one of us to come down. brad went and reese was telling him all about santa, he was so excited he couldn't sleep! that's the best feeling in the world!
when reese woke up and came upstairs i think he was still a little to groggy to realize what was going on. he saw the train set that santa had set up for him and looked a little confused. then he realized what was going on and got very, very happy. one of his favorite things was that santa left some pistaschios out for his enjoyment. he ate some first thing! then we opened up our gifts.
i thought i went all out this year because i got brad a TV and roku player for our bedroom.
i was proved wrong when i opened up this little baby! a tiny little not that said "i lied".

(back-story: a couple of days before christmas we were out shopping and brad got a call on his phone, they asked for me. so he handed the phone over. the man said he was from RC Willey and wanted to know when i wanted my couches delivered. i immediately handed the phone back to brad, and was like, um....... i hope christmas didn't just get ruined, but at the same time i hope you didn't buy new couches! we can't afford them!" reese and i walked on while brad "cleared up" the situation. the man had the wrong account pulled up. he hadn't ordered couches.)

well, turns out he lied. he did buy the couches that i have been drooling over for the last six months! they are gorgeous! i will have to take a picture and put on here.
little jovi slept right through all the christmas commotion. which was fine. she needed it. santa brought her a little cabbage patch dolly.

my mom and dad came over to see reese's loot and then we all headed to shanea's for the annual christmas brunch. reese was desperate to get back to his toys so we came home for a little while. he played, then napped and then we stopped by lynn and george's, and went to dinner at my parents house. it was an amazing day and i feel so blessed and loved by my family. i love that christmas has turned into so much more than just gifts. it's the best to give and give some more.

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