Sunday, August 19, 2012


baby cage.

poo face.

so big!
upside down baby
i just thought i would do a little update on our little miss jovi may. she may be the sweetest baby ever! she is nine months old and full of personality. she loves to be upside down still. she learned how to crawl a couple of weeks ago, she skipped the whole scooting stage and just decided to get at it. earlier that week she started to wave when someone said "hi" to her and has been doing it ever since. she is also a big fan of clapping and saying "yay jovi!", she laughs and claps. she also loves big brother to the moon. they really are best friends. she will sit in her chair and watch Yo Gabba Gabba. it totally keeps her attention when i am trying to do something productive. she also stands up in her crib and babbles "dadada" all the time, but especially when she sees daddy. she also seems to be sick all the time. if it isn't an ear infection it is the flu or a tooth coming in or a cold. maybe a week goes by and something else comes up. i feel like a crazy mom because i take her to the doctor all the time. but better safe than sorry. it seems like in the last month she has grown up so much. she is a hoot and makes us laugh every single day.

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Mindy said...

LOVE the poo face pic! i have never been able to capture a true poo face.