Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hey big Pre-schooler! I love you SO much! I am so glad you are my boy. I love it that you want to lay on me when we watch movies. I love that you are the BEST big brother out there. You love Jovi with all of your heart and love to take care of her and keep her safe. You love your friends, and "pop-soles" (popsicles), playing with your friends and especially PS3 games.
You are growing up fast and becoming concerned about things of the world. We read The Lion King together, afterward you were worried that someone might want to come and kill your dad. We talked for a long time about how things like that hardly ever happen and that we have Uncle Bryce to protect him. :)
You also worry about your best friend Ethan, because I told you that he will be moving away soon. You asked if we could call him (of course), and then in your sweet innocent sad voice you asked if we could move too. I am grateful that you care about others in your life. You are so special to me. Love you. -Momma

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