Friday, September 14, 2012

state fair and such

Reese is really the only person who takes pictures of me.. and surprisingly he gets some good shots. Thanks bud! You proved I actually exist!
jovi's first spaghetti. she pretty much LOVED it. 
Reese loved (and still loves) his giraffe. Jovi is obsessed with furry blankets. She is just like me.
watching yo gabba gabba... yes we watch that...
We went to the state fair this week. SERIOUSLY, my it is one of my favorite things. we have only ever missed going when i am huge prego. This year shanea came with us. We did our favorite things like little hands on the farm, ate all the crazy deep fried food, checked out the animals, rode a single ride, bought crap from the stands and of course went on the big yellow slide. When we took reese to the fair when he was 11 months old he LOVED the slide, he smiled and laughed the whole way down. Jovi did not. she handled it, but at the bottom she burst out bawling... she is so like me. scared. and that's ok. Reese and i went down again together...
this is his favorite face for pics... seriously???
jove's first piggy back


Jill said...

Such a cute family!

Mindy said...

LOVE that pic of brad and shanea!!!!