Friday, October 19, 2012

i am having a hard time getting going today. maybe i can write it out... sometimes other peoples confidence makes me a little insecure. like, their overwhelming comment just made my confidence plummet. is that weird? another reason i am struggling is i know i have an overwhelming amount of homework to do, and it seems so easy to just blow off. which i usually don't do..... but....
tomorrow is reese's birthday, and i think we are really all excited about it. i need to clean the house and mop the floors, but it seems like the last couple of days all i want to do i just lounge around when my kids are giving me the chance to get things done.  i keep getting headaches too... i hate them.
jovi has been teething for what seems like forever. those little buckies are just about to poke through and i know that once they out she is going to feel so much better. i also know we are going to have to break some bad habits that have started since all of this pain has been going on. she is still the cutest little stinker on the block.
sometimes it just seems like there is so much to do and no time to do it, so why should i even bother. the house is just messy the next day anyway.
but i feel better when i get things done, so i am going to stop complaining and start checking things off of my bummer-of-a-blog-post list.

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