Wednesday, October 24, 2012

reese is FOUR!

reese was so excited when he woke up on his birthday morning!
he loves doing homework, even on his big day
my happy boy
unfortunately this face appears all too often
i love the excitement in his face
blowing out candles is serious business
last saturday the day came that reese has been aching for since last october 20th. he has asked about his birthday nearly every day. and this one was a major success. when reese was eating breakfast he said, "hey mom! where is everyone??? grandma? bentley? shanea! they are all supposed to be here for my birthday!" haha, he was expecting to party all dang day! so we tried! we let him open up his presents from us first thing in the morning, which he loved and played with all day. then we went to target to get his cake and i let him pick out whatever ice cream he wanted. (fat free chocolate and mint chip which everyone thought tasted like toothpaste! ha!) then party time came! our families all came over and we had pizza. the kids all played outside forever and then we did the presents which reese was the most excited about. then we did the cake, and he was so worried that cace was going to blow out his candles. that explains the very serious look on his face throughout "happy birthday". that night when i put him to bed, i said the prayer and he kept interupting me. "mom, tell heavenly father that i am thankful for my presents, and that everyone sang happy birthday to reese, and for playing with the kids!" he just could not get enough. it was so fun, because it was like this year he finally got it.... for real, he knew what to expect, he knew he was special that day and that everyone wanted him to be happy, and he was! he really enjoyed it all the day.


Jill said...

That is crazy he is four already, such a doll, happy birthday kid!

Whitney said...

Oh man...I really need to keep up on your blog more! Such good stuff in here! I miss you guys and I hope you are doing good! I hope we can see you over Christmas when we are in town.

Mindy said...

love this kid! you are such a great mom.