Monday, March 17, 2008

The Big News!

If you know me you know i CAN'T keep a secret, so here I am spilling the beans about our little black bean! Yep, we are pregnant! and due on October 28 which just happens to be my mom's birthday! We are pretty excited and i am just a little scared! To tell our families we wrapped up little gift boxes with binkys in them and gave them to our moms. My family had quite the major reaction with all of my sisters screaming and parents crying, it was really exactly how i expected them to react. Brad's family was a little more reserved, and before sally even saw the pacifier yelled, "you're pregnant!" lots of hugs that day.

it's going to be really great because lots of people that i am close to are pregnant, two of my best friends and sally. i am really glad cause i am going to need some serious support!

due in october

The other great news, is that Brad got a really good job offered to him last friday. It's for a company called ABM, and he is a supervisor! The awesome thing about it is that he gets to use a company car and gets a visa card for gas! It also just bought out another company and is going to start expanding, so brad could get a promotion very quickly! i am so proud of brad and grateful for all that he does for me.


Jill said...


I am beyond thrilled and excited!!
Congrats to you both :) So now you SERIOUSLY need to call me and we need to get together and talk babies! YAY!

Jill said...

Oops I forgot to say congrats on the job as well :)

brad&sav said...

i know! i was thinking about calling you but i didn't know i was gonna tell yet! i am pretty early on doing it! oh well why not right? i really am going to need some advice on how not to be so freaking tired!!!

Jill said...

Your on your own! Aside from getting your hemoglobin tested to make sure you are not anemic there is not much you can do other than the usual eat right, sleep often, and exercise. One of those grin and bear type of things.

I have these tummy sleeves you can use in case you are at that bloated looking stage already. If you don't know what they are google bella band, they are the same thing. I have to bribe you to call me, how sad ;)

Jeff and Melissa said...

We are beyond happy for you guys on all accounts! FuNN!
I would love to swap clips! We will be making them sone of these Saturdays soon.

Darrik and Kami said...

YAY!!! You are so cute! I love the binki in the ring holder. We really need to get together for lunch. Is there day's that are better than others? I'm pretty flexible. Let me know. Super cute blog!

The Cantwell Clan said...

I said it to Sal, I'll say it to you.... Better you than me! Kidding, but not really b/c I'm so over the having babies thing! But I'm excited for you guys! Yay. Love ya!