Friday, June 1, 2012

age six racer: jovi

this sweet peanut is six months old! she hasn't been to the doctor yet so i don't have complete stats, but i know she weighs 16 lbs 14 oz. she is pretty much running at about the 60th percentile. 
we read books at night.
shapey legs
sleeps with bunny
holds her bottle
adores her momma
major blow out baby = lots of baths
blowing bubbles
dear jovi, 
you are six months old and sweet as ever. i love snuggling you still and you resist. it amazes me that you are already finding your independence. you love your bottle and bounce your legs when you see it. you eat rice cereal once a day. we try babyfood but you prefer table food. you laugh at reese constantly, and he loves you to the moon. you like to be rocked to sleep and sang to. you cry in your car-seat (i know it's lonely back there). i adore your blue eyes and your tiny feet. you look beautiful when your skin is wet from the shower. you roll over constantly and sometimes cry when you can't get back over. you love to sleep with your bunny and chew on his ears. you love whisker kisses from your daddy, and you love to kick and kick those little legs. you have two tiny teeth and a smile that melts me. i love you forever and ever. 

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Mindy said...

lynn is quite smitten with her as well.